The ILPA Group

The ILPA Group is a European leader in the production of food packaging in thermoformed plastic and bioplastic, as well as in the market of plastic semi-finished products for applications in the agri-food sector and in any other industrial sector.

They are part of the group ILIP S.r.l., one of the main European players in the Foodservice Packaging, Fresh Produce Packaging and Fresh Food Packaging sectors, MP3 S.r.l., extruder of plastic sheets and reels of high quality for thermoforming and AMP Recycling S.r.l., specialized in the recovery of post-consumer PET packaging and in the supply of guaranteed and certified R-PET flakes, granules and reels.

Today, the ILPA Group serves over 4,000 B2B customers in more than 58 countries around the world.